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Professional Journey

Education & Training

MD, Hacettepe University

Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey


Department of Neurological Surgery,

Oregon Health and Science University

 Portland, OR

Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship

Washington University in St. Louis, MO; and University of Ottawa, in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Functional Neurosurgery Fellowship

 University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Dalhousie

University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Dr. Berk has been practicing medicine in Portland, Oregon since 2005, providing an array of comprehensive services and procedures within Neurosurgery. Since finishing his residency training in Neurological Surgery, he has continued to stay ahead of the latest findings and advancements, ensuring patients receive the best possible care. 

As a leading Neurosurgeon, Dr. Berk is proud to be working with people and helping them make better choices while providing each patient with compassionate, personal and expert care.

  • Dr. Berk established the first- and busiest- surgical movement disorders and chronic pain program in a community setting in the State of Oregon, and currently continues to lead this program.

  • Dr. Berk performed the first ever Gamma knife radiosurgery to treat Essential tremor in 2020, and first ever robotic spine neurosurgery in 2021; in the State of Oregon.

  • Dr. Berk is the first and only double residency and double fellowship trained neurosurgeon in the state of Oregon and one of the few in the country.

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